Should You Do Your Own Garage Door Repair?

Interested in trying DIY garage door repair? Repairing your garage door yourself could save you lots of money. But it’s important to remember that doors have a lot of moving parts. Even small mistakes can send the whole system out of alignment.

So before you dive into this DIY project, here’s what you need to know about garage door repair:

How to Repair a Garage Door

If your existing garage door system has some problems, you may be able to make the necessary adjustments yourself. Depending on the working condition of your door and the kind of repair it needs, you may be better off hiring quality garage door repair services.

When to Perform Your Own Garage Door Maintenance

There’s some basic garage door maintenance anyone can do safely without risking damaging the system:

  • Tightening the nuts and bolts — If your garage door is noisy, loose hardware could be the culprit. This is something you can easily fix yourself by tightening all the nuts and bolts on your door. Just don’t remove anything!
  • Checking the door track — If your garage door isn’t opening or closing properly, the first thing you should do is check the track. There could be some obstruction blocking the system from working properly. Clean your tracks and make sure the rollers are well lubricated. If the door still has issues, then call a professional.
  • Checking the cables and pulleys — You can visually examine the cables and pulleys to see if they’re working properly. Over time they may become worn out. If you notice your cables or pulleys are frayed or damaged, it’s time to hire an installation service.
  • Minor opener repair — If your garage door opener isn’t working properly, there could be a simple fix for it. First, check to see if your sensor lens is aligned. Then, clean it and straighten it. Also don’t forget to make sure your door opener batteries aren’t dead!
  • Weather sealing — Weather sealing is a great way to keep water, dirt and even rodents out of your garage. But your weather seal can crack or shift over time, needing a replacement. This is something you can easily do yourself, whether you use a threshold seal, weatherstripping, or bottom seal.
  • Fixing minor door damage —  Many garage door repairs don’t affect the moving parts. Panel replacement or fixing a broken garage door window are both fairly easy tasks. You can also paint your garage door or touch up the current paint without affecting the system.

Garage Door Repair - Ex-Cello Overhead Door

When to Use Garage Door Repair Services

Even minor mistakes in DIY garage door repair can cause the whole system to break down. Then you have to pay for even more spare parts and hire a garage door repair service anyway. While there’s a lot of garage door repair you can do on your own, some things are best left to the professionals.

Here are some things you should never do yourself on a garage door: 

  • Spring repair — If your garage door springs need replacing, it’s best to work with a professional. You can usually figure out if your springs are worn out or broken by testing your door balance. Move your door up and down manually. If you find it difficult to do with just a few pounds of force, you probably need new springs.
  • Removing or replacing tracks — When evaluating your tracks for issues, you might find debris or corrosion that are causing the door not to work properly. Never remove or replace your garage door tracks without professional help. If you make a mistake, the whole door can fall down, potentially injuring people and damaging your property.
  • Opener installation — If you’re looking to replace your garage door opener, it’s best to get professional help. Liftmaster, Amarr, or Craftsman door openers all use different mechanical systems and technology to function. So unless you’re an expert in both technology and mechanics, it’s better to ask for help.
  • Replacing any other moving parts — When doing routine garage door repair, you may notice some parts that need replacing. As a general rule, if it moves, don’t do it yourself. Cable replacement, rollers, drums, springs, and other moving parts should all be left to a garage door service.

How Much Does a Garage Door Repair Cost?

How much your garage door repair will cost depends on what is broken. You’ll need to pay for new parts and labor for your garage door service. Here are some basic costs to consider: 

  • Chain or cable replacement — $120-$200 per chain
  • Roller replacement — $130 per door
  • Spring replacement — $50-$200 per spring
  • New door opener — $100-$200
  • Panel replacement — $250-$800
  • New tracks — $200
  • Sensor — $100
  • Glass windows — $75-$200

After considering the cost of parts, you’ll also need to pay a professional to install them. The cost of this can vary based on how much time replacement/installation takes. It’s best to reach out to a garage door repair company to get an exact quote on labor costs.

What About Garage Door Replacements?

If your broken garage door has lots of expensive problems, you might be better off replacing it altogether. Investing in a new garage door has a lot of benefits, including:

  • Improving the curb appeal of your home
  • Increasing your home’s value
  • Improving energy efficiency (and saving you money)

Not to mention, a new garage door system can be much quieter and save you time and money on frequent repairs.

Whether you need a new garage door for your home or a commercial garage door, ExCello is the best option for customer service. We perform garage door installation and repair based on your needs. Instead of trying to install a heavy door by yourself, it’s best to work with a garage door installation service. Call to get a free estimate on same day service, emergency repair, or garage door installation.


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