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Choosing the right garage door is one of the most important aspects of home design. Your garage door affects the overall aesthetic of your home, as well as insulation, heating, and other factors. Your garage door can also make a big impact on the value of your home. So choosing a door is not a decision you should take lightly.

You can learn a lot about garage doors online, but there’s nothing that compares to seeing, touching, and learning about your options in person. That’s why we invite you to explore ExCello’s Garage Door Design Center.

See and Touch Different Door Styles

At our Garage Door Design Center, we have sample pieces of different types of door materials you can compare and choose from. Learn about options from different garage door brands like Wayne Dalton, Amarr, CHI, and others.

You can start by exploring the different garage door styles, touch and feel options such as contemporary aluminum, carriage house, classic, colonial and contemporary panels, specialty vinyl, and more. We have samples of numerous door styles to give you a close up look at your choices — a valuable service that can’t compare to simply looking at garage door models online.

Once you know what style of door you want for your home, you can also explore color options with our color palettes to compare. Different color schemes and combinations can accent and complement your home’s aesthetic appeal. Explore color choices such as white, almond, desert tan, taupe, etc. There’s also more nuanced options for specific door types, like cherry stain, clay stain, gray stain or green stain for designer fiberglass doors. We have all the palettes you need to compare options in your own hands.

Learn About Customization Options

There are lots of ways to customize your garage door to give your home a distinct look. One of the most important choices is window placement. Garage door windows can be placed vertically, horizontally, and in columns on either side of your door. You can choose from different types of glass panes, like bronze tinted, clear, gray tinted, green tinted, and more. See for yourself what the options are with our in-house glass window samples.

Additional customization options include different types of trim and hardware. Design elements can accent your garage door and give your home a unique look to stand out from the neighbors. Choose between different types of hinges, lift handles, pull handles, and more with our full catalogue of customization options from our garage door suppliers. Compare trim options such as smooth trim and wood grain trim, and more.

Going into our Design Center to actually see and compare your options can help you design the perfect custom door to suit your home’s needs with a budget you are happy with.

Hear the Operators

Another aspect of garage door design that many homeowners overlook is what kind of operator they need to open and close their door. ExCello offers several different operator brands, including popular options like LiftMaster and Genie. Which operator you choose will depend on the type of door and what features you want. For example, you need to choose an operator that has the right horsepower for the size of your garage door.

The really great benefit of learning about the different operators at ExCello’s Garage Door Design Center is that you can actually see and hear them in action. We have LiftMaster garage door opener displays set up so you can try out the remotes, see how the operator moves, and listen to how it will sound. This is really important because investing in an operator that’s too noisy can add unwanted sound pollution to your home. Belt and chain operated openers each have their own benefits and sounds you should learn about before making a decision.

At our Garage Door Design Center, you can also browse our extensive catalogue of operator models to choose the one with all the right features for your needs. Operator technology has come a long way in the past decade. Now you can choose from features like a built-in WiFi connection, vehicle compatibility, auto-close functionality, soft-star/stop motors, battery backup, motion-sensing security lights, and more. You can also choose the type and number of remotes you need to suit your unique household.

Get Advice From an Expert

When trying to choose the right garage door for your home, there’s no smarter move than getting advice from an actual expert on the topic. When you visit ExCello’s Garage Door Design Center, you’ll be greeted by one of our sales representatives or installers who can walk you through everything you need to know. Set up a meeting and we can explain all the important decisions you need to make to choose the right door.

When choosing a garage door, there are lots of factors to consider that most homeowners don’t think about, such as what door styles and options are best given the wind load requirements in different areas. No matter if you have a good idea of what style and type of door you want, or if you’re starting from square one, our expert will walk you through everything you need to know, answer all your most pressing questions, and help you choose the right door for you.

It’s true that you can visualize the different door styles and customization options using online tools. Wayne Dalton has an interactive app for this exact purpose. But even they recommend using the app to get an idea of the kind of door you want, then visiting an overhead door company and viewing actual product samples before making a final purchase.


A garage door is a major investment for a home. You want to make sure you understand all your options and can make an informed decision the first time. Your best bet is to come into ExCello’s Garage Door Design Center to explore your options and gather all the information you need to choose the best option.


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