8 Halloween Garage Door Decoration Ideas You Have to Try

Halloween is around the corner. Lots of people think Christmas is the best time to decorate your house, but Halloween offers the most opportunities to get creative. Instead of hanging up lights and putting out a few characters, you can create a whole scary scene to get into the spooky spirit and frighten everyone who passes by.

Most Halloween fans decorate their porch or maybe their windows, but they often overlook their garage door. If you want your Halloween decorations to really stand out, consider trying out one of these 8 Halloween decoration ideas for your garage door this year.

Cover Your Door in Spiders and Webs

Decorating your garage door for Halloween is easy if you just buy a decal! You can cover your garage door in giant spiders spinning their webs to scare off skittish trick-or-treaters.

Go to Home Depot, Walmart, or order on Amazon and you can get a Halloween-themed decal of your choice, whether they feature spiders, ghouls, ghosts, or other monsters. Make sure you choose one that fits the exact size of your garage door (they should have dimensions in the product listing). They’re easy enough to hang up and take down — depending on the size of your door, you may need a ladder.

Create a Talking Door

There are lots of motion-sensored Halloween decorations designed to catch people by surprise. Why not hang a bunch of them on your garage door to create a talking door? Think talking heads, ghouls, zombies, cackling witches, etc. Have them all set up on your door, then when trick-or-treaters pass by on their way to your doorstep, the heads will all start talking at once! That should be enough to send quite a few trick-or-treaters running and screaming.

Use Spooky Shadow Art

Does your garage door have windows? If so, you can create some spooky shadow art that sends chills down everyone’s spine.

Create cut-outs and tape them to the back of your windows, and turn the garage light on to create an eerie effect. You can also use window paint to smear blood stains and let it drip.

And that’s really just one option for shadow art. There are many other scary shadow ideas you can choose from to creep out your neighbors. What about the silhouette of an ax murderer or a villain from a recent scary film? The possibilities are endless.

Backlight a Spooky Scene

Lots of people are going to have paste-on garage door decorations, so if you want yours to really stand out, try lighting your decorations from behind.

You can do this by creating cut-outs using plywood, plastic, or another lightweight material. Tape a roll of white Christmas lights to the back of your spooky scene. Then you can lean it up against the garage door (or hang it). Check it out at night, and you’ll have a glowing, spooky scene that stands out from all the other lightless decals out there.

Turn Your Garage Into a Mausoleum

This is definitely one of the most creative garage door Halloween decorations that looks really spooky. Lots of people create a fake cemetery for their yard, but why not make a fake mausoleum with your garage door?

Here’s what one of those mausoleums looks like (shared from Pinterest):

There are lots of ways to create this scary scene for Halloween. This particular one was made using insulated foam board. They used an X-Acto knife to carve out the shape of the tombs, gray paint for the background and black paint to create the lettering. While definitely more time-intensive to create than other garage door Halloween decorations, it will make your house very memorable for trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood.

Turn Your Garage Into a Haunted House

Instead of decorating the front of your door, why not turn your entire garage into a haunted house? Cover up everything in the garage with sheets then decorate with scary materials. You can create a maze path through your garage, including blind corners and scary monsters that jump out from hiding spots. An older teenager works great for this if you have one. Hang props from the ceiling, keep it dark, play scary music, and go wild! You can even use a fog machine to spook your visitors.

Create a Scary Alleyway

If you’re not interested in opening up your whole garage to trick-or-treaters, instead you can create a scary alleyway inside. Buy a large roll of black plastic sheeting and hang it over the rails of your garage door. This creates an alleyway that can guide trick-or-treaters to their treats at the end of the tunnel. You can decorate it with all sorts of fun and scary decorations, such as cobwebs, Jack-o’-lanterns, hanging spiders, talking heads, rubber bats and rats, etc.

Turn Your House Into a Monster

Why not use your garage door as part of a larger ensemble to decorate your whole house? Here’s how you can use this strategy to turn your whole house into a scary monster:

One homeowner created this scary scene using neon poster paper to make glowing eyes that stand out at night. They used a white foam board to create the monster teeth and attached them to the top of their garage door. Opening the garage door gives off the effect of a monster trying to swallow trick-or-treaters whole!

Make it a Memorable Halloween

There’s nothing more fun than getting in the holiday spirit and scaring the neighbors in the process. There are lots of ways to decorate your home for Halloween, but don’t overlook the possibilities with your garage door. Whether you want to throw up a quick decal or craft the perfect scary scene, however you decorate your garage door, it is sure to be noticeable and memorable.


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