Is a Contemporary Planks Garage Door the Right Choice for Your Home?

The Contemporary Planks Garage Door from CHI Door is the newest addition to the numerous residential garage doors Ex-Cello sells and installs. Like most doors, it looks great in a catalog, but how do you know if it’s the right choice for your home?

Read on to learn more about this brand new 2020 Contemporary Plank Door to see if it should make the shortlist of choices for your garage door upgrade.

Contemporary Planks Design

The Planks design is one of several contemporary style options from CHI Door. The planks option includes horizontal grooves that add subtle texture, depth, and attract interest. Here’s what the Planks design looks like on a home:

Personalization Options

If you choose this garage door model, you can also select between 3 different widow options, 13 different color options and 6 glass type options.

Color options include:

You can speak to your local CHI dealer or get recommendations from Excello for the exact color and woodtones match. For glass options, you can choose between plain, frosted, tinted, glue chip, obscure, and seeded. Lastly the window options include short, long, and oversized, with different positioning.

Model Options

You can choose between six different Planks models: 2327, 2347, 2357, 2328, 2348, and 2358.  Each model number indicates construction, window and panel style. They also use different materials at different price points. 2327, 2347 and 2357 use Polystyrene insulation which carries a thermal rating of R-10.29. Models 2328, 2348, and 2358 use Polyurethane for insulation, which comes with a thermal rating of R-17.54.

Which thermal rating you should choose really depends on your budget, the climate you live in, and the type of house you have. If you live in a cold climate, investing in more expensive insulation can help you save hundreds of dollars on your heating bill every month. Heating can be even more important if you use your garage for more than parking vehicles, or if your garage is located below another room in the house where people reside.

Regardless of what insulation type you choose, both models have 2-inch thick, 2-sided steel for section construction, and use heavy duty / 272 gauge steel for section material. Remember the lower the steel gauge number, the stronger the steel.

All models come with a limited lifetime warranty. Here’s a chart detailing the specifics of each available model:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some other frequently asked questions that can help streamline the process of purchasing a garage door for your home:

  • Can I buy the door directly from CHI? 

CHI Door doesn’t sell garage doors directly to residential customers. You need to purchase from one of their approved dealers, such as ExCello. Working with a garage door installation company is beneficial because they can provide replacement parts, accessories, and ongoing maintenance as needed. CHI Door only works with dealers that have great quality of workmanship, so you know you’re in good hands.

  • Is there a warranty on my door? 

Warranty coverage varies by model. For the Contemporary Plank door, CHI Door offers a limited lifetime warranty. There’s no need to register your door to qualify for the warranty. You can find the warranty claim on your original purchase receipt and claims are processed using the door code assigned to your door. You can submit your warranty claim through your dealer, such as ExCello.

  • Where can I get touch-up paint for my door? 

CHI Door provides touch-up paint for their doors through dealers such as ExCello. This includes touch-up kits for Accents and Woodtones. Optionally, you can use paint formulas from their color formulas worksheet. All the resources and tools are available for you to touch-up your garage door paint yourself. However you can work with ExCello to make sure the job is done right.

It’s also possible to order your CHI door in a custom color. They offer 188 standard powder coated colors that you can apply for an additional charge.

  • Where can I get LEED documentation for my door? 

If you need LEED documentation for your door, you can also obtain this through ExCello, your garage door dealer.

  • What should I do if my door isn’t working properly? 

If your door has stopped working or isn’t functioning properly, contact ExCello. They can determine whether the problem is with your door, your opener, or the installation, and provide quick service to fix the problem.

  • Are there any financing options? 

CHI Overhead Doors allows authorized dealers to offer financing that is simple and easy for homeowners, no matter their budget. Speak with your garage door installation company to learn more.

  • What kind of openers can I use with my door? 

For residential use, CHI Overhead Doors provides LiftMaster and Linear openers as options. These can also be purchased from and serviced by ExCello.

Is Contemporary Planks Garage Door Right for Me?

The Contemporary Plank is one of many options offered by CHI Door and ExCello. Both companies offer a variety of resources that can help you decide if it’s the right garage door for your home.

From the CHI website, you can get a quote on your residential garage door, request a sample of color templates, view a product guide, and more. You can also talk to ExCello representatives directly to get advice about what kind of door style and insulation make the most sense for your home.

Right now, what helps the Contemporary Plank stand out from other garage door options is curb appeal. It’s a brand new model, so you won’t see the same door on numerous other homes in your area. The color options also make it possible to match the door to the style of any existing home.

To find out if the Contemporary Plank is the right door for your home, it’s best to peruse the resources mentioned above and meet with an ExCello professional for free advice.


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